Welcome to KaiLab

Welcome to KaiLab

Hello everybody.

You may be experienced players or new to this full of passionate hobby, we hope you all will enjoy and stick with us for the time ahead. RC aircraft hobby has been there for decades, but we are here to do something new and interesting.

As the introduction you have seen on our home page, we design RC aircraft that could be printed by personal 3D printers which is popular and easy to buy on the market. Why we decided to do this way? Because 3D printing is really an advanced technology, it helps us create complex structures with little effort and saves much of time. We almost just need to push start button, it will industriously and meticulously transform 3D digital designs into real objects that you can touch by your hands, just like a miracle. For our hobby, personal 3D printers could help us reduce building time from months to days, with high precision and good quality. That’s really awesome!

We have designed our very first product. It is Kaier Falcon, the glider has ability to maneuver at high speed. It was distributed to people and has got attention and supports. We consider it as our first success and we do understand how to create products that you would love. The designs made by KaiLab has our own style, they should be beautiful, futuristic, great performance and able to be printed with common 3D printers.

Be with us, you also get our support in everything about RC aircraft and 3D printing. Beside the business for survival, we are also RC aircraft enthusiasts, so helping or sharing with people are the things we always want to do. Lets join our support forum at or by email address at, we are always here to help you.


KaiLab team.

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