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Our History
Xuguang has focused on top quality shade net products for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation, now the company has more than 50 sets of international advanced production facilities. It is one of the earlist manufacturers of shading net series products in China.
Today, Xuguang has been one of the top producers of quality shade net series products, such as: shade net, wind net, insect net, dust net, sunscreen net,gardening cloth, Sanqi special net, round wire shade net and other woven net series. The products are exported to all parts of the country and are favored by new and old customers.
Our Factory
Xuguang has two factories in China, one located in Luqiao District Industrial Park, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. It has 20 production facilities, mainly producing high-quality three-needle, four-needle and six-needle, and the other is located in Linyi Industrial Park, Shandong Province,covering an area of 30 acres,specializing in the production of dust net.
Product Application
Shading nets are widely used in daily life, including:
1. It is used for the conservation cultivation of crops such as vegetables, flowers, mushrooms, edible fungi, notoginseng, ginseng and ganoderma lucidum. The sunshade net can significantly reduce the light intensity entering the facility, effectively reduce the heat radiation, thereby reducing the temperature and ground temperature, improving the flowering environment, and effectively avoiding the damage of the glare to the flowers and trees and increasing the crop yield.
2. Anti-storm and scouring, which is good for moisturizing and drought prevention. Because of the high mechanical strength of the sunshade net, it can effectively alleviate the damage caused by the rainstorm on the flowers and trees, prevent the soil from squashing and the seedlings after the rain. The use of shade net cover can effectively reduce the transpiration of plants, and is beneficial to maintain the humidity in the room, thereby reducing the number of irrigation.
3. The dust net series is mainly used for crop wind protection and harsh environments such as sand-proof weather and dust. Dust prevention on construction sites, roads, and highways; wind and dust suppression in open-end yards of steel, building materials, and cement.
Production Equipment
The factory has introduced advanced production technology and equipment, specializing in the production of shade nets. Up to now, there have been 16 wire drawing machines, 30 weaving machines and 20 rolling machines, which constitute the best integrated assembly line production, laying a solid foundation for product quality.
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