We design RC aircraft for 3D printing

Welcome to KaiLab

The name stands for “Sky’s Laboratory”. We are a group of engineers who love flying and creation. RC aircraft hobby has been there for decades but we are here to do something new. With 3D printing technology, we can deliver to you our impressive designs, the hobby becomes much easier to enjoy. And the most importance is, the build time would be reduced from months to week. Thanks to your desktop 3D printer!


Why 3D Printing?

This is the new way to build things in 4.0 Industrial Revolution. There are some type of 3D printers with different technology and material. For our hobby, we use the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printer using plastic filament (usually PLA for environment friendly). By creating object layer by layer, this technique has some unique advanced features that no other methods have:

  • Able to manufacture complex-monolithic structure: 3D printer can create features inside the shell of the object. Therefore we are free to design the special structure that improves strength and reduces weight.
  • Simple to operate: it’s single step manufacture and mostly automated. You just need some hours to learn how to operate a new 3D printer.
  • Low cost of production: desktop 3D printers for personal use are around $300, with filament coils that cost around $15. This is really not expensive for our hobby.
  • High quality of product: with 0.01mm accuracy, 3D printer can create smooth and high quality object.

With those advantages, we have applied 3D printing to our job and that was awesome! We have beautiful aircraft with advanced design and reduce much time to build and test.


How to build an RC aircraft from our design

First of all, you need a 3D printer with minimum build volume 200 x 200 x 180 (mm). There are many types and brands on the market, if you need an advice, we would like to help you finding out a suitable one. After that, follow these simple steps:

1. Download projects

Purchase your favorite projects on our store and downloads to your computer. Each project contains 3D printable files and documents.

2. Print with your 3D printer

Our projects are specifically designed for 3D printing, and suitable for small size printers.

3. Assembly and fly

Your final mission is combining 3D printed parts with recommended equipment (battery, motor etc).

You are instructed with detail documents (or video clips) in all the steps. We have support forum at kailab.com/community/ where you will get help for any problem. We also receive question by email at support@kailab.com or Facebook Fanpage, feel free to contact us!